Is it a joke? No, it’s not. It’s Poland,

’Mohery’ /ˈməʊheə/ that’s how we call them in Poland, are easily manipulative, narrow-minded, elderly people, who are often afraid of the changes.

I want to explore this theme because, for me, it is highly essential to have your own opinion.

No matter if it the same as everyone else’s, or it’s completely different. Especially on such an important subject as the political situation for your own country, furthermore, it’s future. A place where I want to live. A place where I want to feel respected even the differences in religious believes or sexuality.

I want to prove that my way of thinking is not insane. That amongst so many people who blindly follow what the government says, my opinion can differ. Supported by my knowledge, my understanding, and my beliefs. Not just what I saw on the TV or once heard on the radio. I want to take action, put pressure on how important this is. I want people to go to vote. I want people to see what the current government is hiding. I want to expose how the current political party is manipulating older people.

VHS aesthetics is a metaphor of how Poland is not moving forward. By the fusion of nonsense, psychedelic clips I’m able to show how foolish Poland is. Instead of changing things for better, improve, elaborate. It is standing in one place and making Poland a highly one religion country with dictatorship, censorship and false information.

I found it highly challenging to work with a topic connected to the political situation. It was something out of my comfort zone. People in Poland often avoid discussions on political subjects, almost like tabu. It’s caused by the division into two „mindsets”, pro-current party or against. No one wants to start an argument. I feel nostalgia, anger and incomprehension in someway. I want to understand what not-taking action can lead to.

Part of Visual Ideologies project for my 2nd year BA (Hons) Photography at LCC, UAL
London, 2019

This work has been exhibited during Xhbit 2019 in The Koppel Project Central, Soho and during Lift-Off Sessions 2020