Hey, I needed a moment to digest this. Funny you found me, I don’t even know how old you are now or what’s your name

If someone found out that we are writing, they would probably fall from the chair, so this could be our little secret.

I don’t know anything about why it turned out this way, but when I saw our old  photos or videos, we had fun and then suddenly you disappeared and no one ever told me what happened

So if you have any tips, that would be nice, and so I don’t have a great relationship with them, so you can honestly.

So you can tell me why you disappeared, so suddenly and what happened.

My bday. Somehow, I felt strange today. The day has begun soo nicely I went for a run, then got flowers, lovely bouquet from the office; then breaky it was terrific. I looked pretty; had this yellow dress on.

We got falafels and ice cream and went for a walk; then it started to rain. I didn’t get along with him about the time we meet, and somehow it all blurred so much, we got pizza, but I had the impression that we need a break. We got to the point of such strange and toxic relationship.

Later, he said something about another guy; I couldn’t, I thought I was going to puke, I swear.  Like I don’t get it, why did he do it? On my birthday? I have no idea where this is going and why is he sending him this kind of shit?! It’s so strange I don’t know how to comment it. I’m a little pissed, sad and tired at the same time. And probably still don’t understand what had just happened.

I’m not really ready to be with someone non-stop. I can’t handle such a thing at all. I need my space and my place, and if someone shoves me with some other mindset, I don’t have the strength. Fuck relationships seriously, he doesn’t know what he loses. It’s all so fucked up.

Blue days they are the worst after such a good times. They hit harder, I guess. But everything will find its place someday, and it will be beautiful. I focus on myself; I need to give myself some time.

I'm so fucking stupid
Why the fuck did I go there?!1
On the other hand, I am glad to see how big a dick he is. You finally have to get around!
Stop thinking about it and keep going. I lost over a year to this shit and it didn't help me

And for consolation, I can think of meeting with me to feel better about someone who cares.

It is stupid that it is all unexplained but I do not know the meaning in explaining it and I will not understand

Damn cry and stress like this is the jerk of the year xddddd

I have a lesson, I stop thinking about it and make some stupid scenarios fucked up in types, this relationship gives me no more problems.

I don’t like the idea of conceptualizing my work, do i really need to be so inspired by something that already exists?

I am very sorry that you are going through that. It is a pity that we transfer our uncertainties or something to other people, playing some stupid game whether someone is on your side or not, I think that you should be honest with yourself, on the other hand I am very glad we talked, I think that it is not so fair to judge other people, I think that I behaved okay tp you, for as much as I could and I wanted and I think that I do not know what to think, it is also not important now.

Well, life goes on, we won't do anything about it. There was so much and now we have to reckon the consequences of all this.

I really hate hypocrisy, I know that everyone happens to me especially, but what pisses me off the most is double standards. If someone does something that is not in accordance with our principles, beliefs, we give advice to endure it somehow, or vice versa, we hate looking through the lens of our relationships with these people. Let's give it, for example, we have an ex-boyfriend who does something we don't like, talking with psiapsi we write, but they have fun xd, not paying attention to the fact that the current boy was playing the same, it was the burp that he went there or did it.

Art allows people to talk about uncomfortable shit while they see an artwork.

I was awakened by the alarm clock but as usual we spent half an hour in bed asleep, because the sun was not urging either. With petals on the grass, I realized how backward priests are and why we still allow such comments. I made omelettes with peach jam. We discussed whether it is possible to equalize social differences by using the money of the richest people. On the dirt road in the sunshine we played boules, because I was better we played billiards. Just then I looked at him objectively and again I felt how much I like. We went to buy flowers, we were both nervous and spent a lot of time there but we planted flowers and herbs in the garden. We ate fresh bread with butter and rosemary, we talked about movies that we would make if he went to the film school. We packed our bags and got in the car. My friends complain that they no longer withstand this quarantine and want to return to college. I am very happy and do not want to come back for any treasures. I would never be so happy if I wasn't with him.

Well funny what I do now with life, I have changed things as if even once it wasn't even long ago there were thoughts about rca about fucking being a professor, and now honestly there is no such plan has life. It is easy to comprehend you have to do, just to find something that pushes you is that there are holidays right away does not help. On vacation I have a lot of ideas to just get it over with.

Why do I like absurdity? It’s a good question, to be very honest maybe I’m simply scared of doing something for real, like a beautifully bold and deep project about a thing that touches me - sharing this with a world. What if my friends see it and will think that I’m so vulnerable. They will leave me. And how about I’m not too fond of things that make sense, my life doesn’t, why my work should?

I have an obsession about hands that is for sure.

Another day similar, without fireworks, I listen to good music and I'm sad because of canceled audio fest ...How much would I give for a nice melange and Sfina with my friends. I remember good times and think what to do here I'm starting to enjoy things that I haven't noticed before, as it was "normal" Let this shit pass quickly and let everything return to normal.

Man, this quarantine is a sine wave for me - there are days when I do great things for myself, for which I did not have time before - I do yoge, I read books and go for long walks in the forest, but on the other hand there are days like today, that I have no motivation for anything and I am worried about the vision of the future :( It was supposed to be more relaxed, it came out a bit depressing, but at least honestly: From the morning I was supposed to do projects for studies, but as usual I left it at the last minute. I can't mobilize myself to work. I know that I can't complain because I have a job and none of my relatives are sick, but I'm sick of it and I think about moving away from my parents every day.

I was awakened by the smell of cut grass today. I was so happy, I love this smell.

Well, I'm generally very proud of you, it's nice to put together a little movie, I wrote a little seriously productive morning keep it up Karo it's great I have a great idea I came up with writing two books but we will still develop it in total keep these Notes and this

I'm just so damn grateful for the bus driver who let me in and he didn't have to do it !! I would have to wait half an hour for the next one

I have a beautiful life, I am really cool, that today I could chuck myself on another goldsmith uni, see how it is there, mega enclave.

Jesus, with each day doing all these things, I am only convinced that this whole law of attraction works, and seriously, despite the fact that sometimes it is hard and some rozkminy catch gore, it's really worth it and I want to stick to it !!

COVID-19 you have an impressive timing. Before this whole paddock as a young-stupid individual I quit my job and studies and moved to a new city, so after a month of contemplating the meaning of my existence and what to do next * read. (how to complicate your life more) suddenly the quarantine entered softly, which meant that all my idiotic plans went to the basket ... well, it's good that the "new city" took me on the turn and took me to the ballets.