Project statement:
An experimental short movie is exploring the notion of art created with the use of artificial intelligence. Thanks to computational tools for finding and using patterns in data, it became possible to see how AI responds to our input.

This art piece's creator has built a unique database consisting of 1,232 photos taken in the pandemics period. Its primary purpose was to evaluate its generated visual response to the current worldwide situation. However, the outcomes have raised the bar by achieving the visual appeal to it.

The idea for this project came from an intense feeling of separation that we live with, a forced break from plans, from relationships and our dreams. Sometimes we all need to share our thoughts, perspectives; why not do so with the thing that has become closer to us than ever, our computers. By confronting this innovative, creative process, we experienced brand-new visual sensations, distinct forms, and shapes that are a nice change to our day-to-day pandemic life.