'I showed him covid-19' (2021). This experimental short movie is exploring the notion of art created with the use of artificial intelligence. Thanks to computational tools for finding and using patterns in data, it became possible to see how AI responds to our input. I've built a unique database consisting of 1,232 photos taken in the pandemics period. Thanks to the machine learning processes I've been able to use Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), the neural networks, to generate synthetic data given my input data. GANs consists of two models; generative and discriminative. Generative models generate new instances of an object while the discriminative model determines whether the new instance belongs to the actual dataset. Thanks to understanding the processes and my own experience with model learning I've come up with my own ways of how to adjust and expand the database for the AI to learn certain shapes and features.

The model starts off from a very low resolution, like 4x4, and eventually builds its way up to a final resolution of 1024x1024, which actually provides enough detail for a visually appealing image. However the resolution is not perfect for high-quality artworks, that is why I've also used AI image processing for sharpening.

Since I've started working on this project I've been amazed by the similarities between the AI outputs and the world around us. It's quite weird but satisfying seeing your models grow and get better and better at creating the images. you can see the progress and notice the difference as the sequences progress the shapes are getting more defined, more complicated and detailed.

The initial idea for this project came from an intense feeling of separation that we live with, a forced break from plans, from relationships and our dreams. Sometimes we all need to share our thoughts, perspectives; why not do so with the thing that has become closer to us than ever, our computers. By confronting this innovative, creative process, we experienced brand-new visual sensations, distinct forms, and figures that are a nice change of perspective on the world around us.

This short film has been part of the Official Selection and has been screened during:
- SPEKTRUM Swidnica Film Festival 2021 (Świdnica, PL)
- Szczecin Film Festival 2021 (Szczeci, PL)
- Metropolis Film Festival 2021 (Milan, IT)
- SHORT WAVES FESTIVAL: International Short Film Festival 2021  (Poznan, Poland)
- APEX Film Awards 2021 (Brighton, UK)
- Dérapage 20+1, 2021 (Montreal, Canada)
- FASE 2021 (London, UK) - Dérapage 20+1 Lumifest : Jeudi en lumière de Boucherville 2021 (Boucherville, Canada)

direction, production and art direction: Karolina Gliniewicz;
music: josh pan;
SFX: Łukasz Zalewski;